Saturday Night VoZ!

So a little update on my project that I have been apart of with Forever Interactive. Thing’s have progressively been getting better as far as the entire team as a whole. I myself was promoted to Community Director of the team, which means that I am in charge of the business team. I have been taking a lot of task’s but have been starting to delegate more now that we have a solid team. We currently our working on many different social sites such as FB, Twitter, Tumblr, IndieDB, MMORPG, MMOHuts, our own Forums, Alpha communities, Twitch, YouTube, and more! We have been doing increasingly well since i have joined and all of our engagement and analytics have gone up. We have almost 2,000 FB likes, over 300 followers on Twitter, and been in the top 100 on and off on IndieDB. We are generating more traction day by day. I am also currently helping out with going to local game stores and scheduling paper prototype and PC version tournament’s and let’s plays. I am also helping out with upcoming conventions that we would like to attend such as Gen Con 2015, Midwest Gaming Classic, and more before we release our game slated for August 2015. I am working on getting us some partnerships as well. There is still a lot of work to be done, and I have a lot on my plate right now. I sure can’t wait to graduate so that I am able to give my full attention to these products!

We are currently running many different campaigns to show support for our company and our game. Check out some of the next few post’s of our most recent endeavors and show some support! :)