Feature Lead and Fresh Start

Well it's the beginning of a new semester and boy oh' boy are we ready for a lot of changes at Raid+ Interactive. Our class size has shrunk dramatically, and we now have a solid team. We have made changes to our pipelines, concept art rules, meta meetings, changes to how we quality check, and a new strike system!

I was assigned as a Feature Lead by my product owner, which is to complete a new paper prototype! I was to run a team of people to create a draft of a paper prototype and then create a polished version to take to our customers for engagement.

We have to re-design a whole new board, as the entire team voted that no one liked the Amethyst Forest from the previous semester. This goes for redesigning the card's, ratio's, and mechanics as well. Play test! Play Test! Play Test!

We will be play testing things like:
- New Mechanics
   -- Damage pool
   -- Battle Sequences
   -- New draw mechanic
   -- Individual Response Timers

- Deck Sizes and Ratios
   -- Player Deck
   -- Beefcake
   -- Hippie
   -- Troll
   -- Board Deck

-Class Skills
   -- Beefcake
   -- Hippie
   -- Troll

While doing all of this we will also be documenting our rules and a player hand book until we are ready to have real customer engagement. When that happens we are to create a polished version of all documents, and have a survey ready.

So I have updated the Trello board, and have gotten people assigned to task's!

Looking forward to the opportunity to be a Feature Lead!

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