Local Game stores and Customer Engagement

Well. one of my task's lately has been to get our game out the door, and start play testing with customers. People other than our developers. I wen't with a buddy Eric for VoZ and I was also looking for Raid+ as well.

We drove around the Milwaukee area going to many different stores, and ultimately it came down too a few stores.

I really like the Greenfield Store for Board Game Barrister! It has lot's of space, friendly staff, and they are letting us cross promote on social media and leaver marketing material at the store!

We are going to be setting up a play testing session here soon for the games I am working on!

Every Thursday night, the Editor-in-Chief at Noobsource.com comes in a play test's video games and board games! They are a gamer review site online! Check em out at the link below! This is a great opportunity for us to get another contact that could possibly help us promote our games and get great customer feedback on our games.

Click on the links below to check out Board Game Barrister and Noobsouce.com!

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