At My House, We Game Dev!

Invited people over from my Raid+ Team to come over and paper prototype. We needed to meet more than once a week if we wanted to get our feature done in time. We had a lot of fun! We tested out the card ratio's one last time, and they seem solid. We then tested out on the board for the first time with what David had designed, and I am really liking what I am playing so far!

We also tested out some of the mechanics, such as drawing cards, when to place traps, and some board rules as well.

We decided to get rid of the fatigue mechanic as it was too much to keep up with for the average couch play gamer.

As we were working on rebuilding our game from the ground up, I didn't want to leave our social media followers hanging with no content to show.

So I made a post with a link to a really good article about why Paper Prototyping is so important.

"Raid+ is hard at work in the design process of our game Scoundrels of Yen! Paper prototyping is an extremely important in our development process and we are looking forward to getting our player's involved very soon! Stay tuned for when we announce the event. Until then, enjoy this awesome article we came across which explains why paper prototyping is so important!"

Link to that Article --- > Click HERE!


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