BiZ Devin

Considering I am also the Community Director of Raid+, I also have to accomplish these task's as well. It was really hard for me this first sprint, as the entire team was deep into the redesign of our game. With me being a feature lead on the most important feature of the sprint, I had little time to devote to this, but now that we are moving into our second sprint of the semester, I am going to step down from a lead on another feature, so I can give the business side of our company some attention, as well as some programming task's.

We have to get our customer survey polished in a digital and printed format. Create some QR links to use for marketing. Evan is going to be working on rebuilding our Website to make it look more professional. I am going to be getting the event at Board Game Barrister finalized and scheduled, as well as make a Facebook and Twitter posting schedule.

Some of the other task's include Con planning, Community outreach, Paid Incentives, Revenue Streams, and paid alpha research.

I am glad I am getting some Business experience along side my Programming and Design. There is still much more to learn! I want to be as employable as possible by the time I graduate! :)

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