It's that time folks! Time for me to kick my butt back into gear and start updating my Developer's Blog here again on a regular basis!

To kick thing's off, I am currently updating my Linked-In Profile for my VICOM class which is due this coming Sunday. I haven't been keeping up with Linked-In during School, but only during the breaks in between semesters. So it's a nice feeling to take some time and update it again.

VICOM is a course that gives the student practical experience in the visual communication field.  Such experience may be obtained by internships, volunteering, shadowing or regular employment.  The secondary purpose of this course is to learn the process of planning and preparing for a job search, actively seek a position of employment, making conscious choices based on feedback, and select an appropriate course of action in this field. 

Found this certification from when I was in the Navy, updating it on my Linked-In and I thought I'd share. Figured you may enjoy one of my accomplished moment's in my life! My MK 75 certification to work on the Gun Mount. It was a 76mm 62. cal anti-aircraft weapon, and was ton's of fun to shoot.

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