2 Games Greenlit in 1 week!

Well this is some crazy exciting news! As you may know if you follow me, I was brought on as a Community Director to help promote games at Jon Harwood Creations earlier this year. As you heard from me the other day, the new game that we have been promoting, Demon Hearts, was recently given the go ahead on Steam Greenlight!

Well, before I had join Jon Harwood Creations, he had made 2 other games, Combo Princess, and Micro Dude (Links can be found on my menu bar to the right). They are both currently Free to Play!

Well, Micro Dude had been on Steam Greenlight for almost 2 years, and well finally on Thursday Night, it was also Greenlit right after Demon Hearts on Monday!

This is crazy exciting, and I am so happy to be apart of Jon Harwood Creations! Looking forward to this new journey in my career, and seeing Jon turn this company into an LLC! :)

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