Arrrgghh! Me Pirate Ship Be Needing Functionality!

So it's that time for another sprint here at Raid+ Interactive! I have been assigned at the Feature. I am honored to be trusted as a Feature Lead for a second time with this team, which mean's I must be doing a decent job. Which had me worried with the particular Feature, as it was a pretty hefty one and by far my hardest one yet.

My acceptance criteria was as follows ...

- Functional, Modeled, & Animated Cannons in a Test Scene.
- Functional, Modeled, & Animated Powdered Kegs in a Test Scene.
- Ships HP count down and displays appropriately.
- Ship sinks when HP <= "0"
- Powdered Kegs are a 1 times use
- Transparent GUI's that hover above the Ship for HP, over the Cannon and Powdered Kegs for Cost/Amount of Damage.
- Ship will destroy after it dies, leaving wood objects floating in the water.
- Cartoony Style Micheal Bay Explosions
- Decals for Cannonball impacts and Powder Keg scorch marks.

Obviously I can't draw or model, so there were other team members that were to work with me in order to get this feature done. The team members I needed to help with accomplishing  this were modelers who can texture, make particle effects, and sounds from our sound designer. I took care of all the functionality and programming the went into this feature to make it all work together. I was able to test with basic objects until I received all the proper models, animations, and sounds. Then I was able to piece them together and create scripts to control them.

Below is a series of videos on my progress throughout this feature. I really enjoyed this feature, and learning how to program these particular mechanics. It was nice being in the game engine, and not having to do so much business marketing! :)

Cannon Test Scene 1
Got a test scene running, Sound placeholders, Cannon Shooting, and the Cannon Ball is leaving a texture when it hits the "ship", and also destroys itself after it hits.

Powder Keg Test Scene 1
Got a test scene running, Sound placeholders, Keg "Exploding", place holder for particle effect, leaves a "Scorch" mark texture behind, and destroys its self.

Final Pirate Ship Functionality Video
So for the final video showing everything off for the feature, my PO wanted me to make a video that would help boost the teams morale a bit by showing off this cool functionality that will be in our game in the engine. So I got a little creative with it, and added in some Michael Bay humor into the matter from South Park to give the team a laugh while they watched the video.

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