MWGC 2015 was a FANTASTIC time!

Artwork by Jake Bezrouk
Edited Image for Social Media Post

I would like to thank Dan Loosin again for making the Midwest Gaming Classic possible, and for continuing to invite the Wisconsin IGDA back every year. I would like to also then thank the Wisconsin IGDA for inviting Mothership back every year as well! We have a blast every year! This year wen't extremely well as I helped get us booths at the event, and 3 other companies. While I attended the event however I was their to represent my school team, Raid+ Interactive and our game Scoundrels of Yen. Unfortunately we didn't have a working build in the engine as this point, but we had our paper prototype set up with a computer screen showing off artwork, marketing material to handout, and surveys for people to take to get feedback.

All in all is was a major fun experience, and I got get to know a few more local developers in the area. We also managed to get a few game review sites and podcast's interested in our game and wanting to do a interview with our development team! :)

Enjoy these pictures from the event! :) Can't wait till next time!

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