Raid+ Customer Engagement

We have continued our journey of customer engagement at Raid+ by bringing our game to the Board Game Barrister every other week until the last week of the summer, as we needed to focus on the game in engine. It was very easy to get things set up, and the Board Game Barrister has been completely supportive in this whole process. It has been a great chance for me to learn from the experience setting up this event, having professional email conversations to make the event's happen.

We had some great feedback from the players at the store but after going back a few times, we have pretty much played with everyone we could that show up on Thursdays. We have been getting some great feedback, and everyone so far seems to like the concept of our game. Here are the survey results from going to Board Game Barrister and the Midwest Gaming Classic.

Funny story while we had attended a Board Game Barrister event on April 2nd, I was GM'ing a game and there was a group of people playing at the table across from us. Later that day I was cruising on Facebook, and found this picture posted with me in it! Come to find out that the local podcast crew I had been talking to about one of my other projects was as the store, and I didn't even know it, considering we have never meet yet before in person! It was pretty hilarious...

The Noobsource guys have been a great help, and a huge thank you to their team for allowing us to join them on Thursdays! We are looking forward to bringing them a actual video game for people to play test instead of our paper prototype.

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