Board Feature is Not Really Bored...

Artwork by Jake Bezrouk

That time again for another feature here at Raid+ Interactive, and I have been put on the Board Feature team, and this time our Lead Designer is taking the reigns as the Feature Lead.

I was first tasked with getting the new player GUI that I had designed earlier in the semester working properly and functioning in the game. Our product owner had designed and created the GUI images in the engine, and had created the functionality behind it. I was to put this functionality into the main GUI Manager script.

It was an interesting learning experience for me having never worked with GUI functionality before very much, I was working on this up until the very end of the semester as changes were made. Towards the end, I had to create a mouse interaction script to work with the mouse overs, as before they were eating up a lot of FPS due to some of the code being in the Update function. We were able to get them properly displaying the player's name, proper numbers displaying and player skills. However, we didn't get far enough yet to get the proper equipment cards displaying, and just had temporary placeholder cards for portfolio night.

Picture and Video compliments of our sexy and wonderful PO, Noah Hildebrandt!

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