Window Photo Viewer Not Opening / Control Panel Stops Working Issues

I have a Windows 7 OS with a AMD graphics card, and I have had a weird issue happen to me twice now, and I feel as I should share my knowledge with this in case there are other who may run into this issue.

- Can't open JPG's with Windows Photo Viewer
- Can't preview JPG's
- Control Panel keeps crashing, and stops responding

If you are having these particular issues and nothing has worked, try these two things I have done to solve the problem.

- The first solution that worked for me when this first happened was to uninstall a broken Windows update. (KB3004394). Restart the computer, and hopefully that should take care of it. More information can be found at this article HERE.

- If that doesn't work, then the second solution that worked after the second time this happened to me was to completely uninstall and reinstall my AMD drivers. From the looks of it, a component of the AMD Graphics Driver is causing the crash. More information can be found in the responses of this Microsoft Community question HERE.

Anyway, hope this helps someone some day, lol.

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