Another Day, Another Dollar

As I work my way through college, I must have a job that pay's the bills. Working with start up indie game development companies doesn't pay the bills until we have a consistent revenue stream. Which takes a lot of hard work in order to start any company from the ground up. Throughout my time at MATC, I have been working at Bonefish Grill in Brookfield, WI. Even though I am more the excited to eventually finally be able to leave the restaurant industry in pursuit of my dream career, they by far have been the best company I have worked for yet. They are very supportive, hard working, and always work around my busy school schedule.

I was recently rewarded Employee of the Month for the month of May 2015! It's nice to be recognized every now and then for all the hard work I do. Even though this doesn't really mean anything in the real world, it shows that no matter where I work, I will always give it 110%!

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