Gen Con 2015!

The event at Gen Con 2015 was AMAZING! I am so glad that a few of my team mates and myself went last year or else we would of never had gotten our connection with eBash. They were absolutely amazing to work with, and were very supportive during the event. We ran into some minor bumps in the road in the beginning before the event started, but as soon as our Lead Programmer showed up, he was able to get the game up onto all the computers. We did launch our Steam Greenlight campaign this weekend, but unfortunately when we submitted it, we received an error and we are not currently working with Steam on this issue. We had our own area inside the eBash room, with 10 Alienware computers and we even put up a projector to show off one of the computers playing VoZ. My job during the convention was not only social media, but to make sure that we had people coming to our booth to play our game, as well as teaching new players how to play. I also was in charge of all the marketing materials, and made sure that the team had polos to wear. I had ordered everything from business cards, handouts, buttons, posters, and more! I even was sent on marketing trips during the event. We had thousands of people throughout the 5 days come through our area, and we had such a successful event. During the event, we ran Round Robin tournaments which players had to purchase tickets in order to enter. The winners of the Round Robin's were invited to the invitational tournament for a grand prize of $250! It was absolutely rewarding to see gamers enjoying your game that your company has been working hard on, and wanting to participate in the tournament. All the developers were in shock when we had people asking us to sign the posters we were handing out, as well as when we started getting our first revenue with actual sales! We all are extremely exhausted after running ragged during the event. Everyone did a fantastic job and I am really proud of my team at Forever Interactive! My boss even called me his lucky charm, and said this event for VoZ was even more successful than when they took it to GDC. Now that all the fun from the convention has calmed down, with all the success from the event comes the major work load of customer engagement! Enjoy the pictures from the con below!

Gen Con 2015 Opening Day
Game on! It's Gen Con 2015 Opening Day. Happy Gaming!
Posted by Gen Con on Thursday, July 30, 2015

Our product owner shows off our room at Gen Con 2015! Come play VoZ with our developers in the EBash Video Game Centers in room 142! #GenCon2015 #VoZCCG
Posted by Visions of Zosimos on Friday, July 31, 2015

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