Intro / Advanced Game Design

Today was my first day of Game Design classes and man am I excited! If you are wondering why am I taking both Into and Advanced in the same semester? Well they don't offer the Advanced in the spring, so I had to make a choice. So I am going to take on the work load and get them both out of the way! Then I only need 2 more design classes and 3 gen ed's and I will receive my two associates!

To start things off for Introduction to Game we got things kicked off by going over what was expected of us through out the semester and what we would be doing. We discussed the history of game design and watched a few Extra Credit videos on it as well. If you haven't heard of Extra Credit and you want to become a game developer, I highly recommend subscribing and watching their videos. Here is one of the videos we watched and discussed in class below.

After watching a few of these, the entire class was too play card games for the remainder of the class. We were to take notes on what we thought was fun about the game, what was not, any suggestions, comments, design flaws, etc. After we have all played a few games for the next couple weeks we will come together to discuss what we learned through our experience in the eyes of a player. We are then to start creating our our card or card / board game as our final project and it must have a great design and the final product must look like a professional prototype. Then the entire class will spend some time playing everyone's games that they created. We will then as a class vote on the best game. I already have my idea on what I am going to do and OMG ... I can't wait. I am going to have so much fun with this! ! !

We were also assigned Homework to go play a game online called Card Hunter, and come back ready with notes to discuss our thoughts on this game as well. PLAYING A GAME AS HOMEWORK! ? ! ? I have been in this program for 4 months, and my Instructor has NEVER assigned us homework like this. I can't wait to play! :)

The fun continues with my other class, Advanced Game Design! For this class, we go even deeper into design heavy mechanic games and are expected to showcase our deep understanding of design. In order to accomplish that, we will be playing the epic table top game Warhammer 40k, one of the most design and mechanic heavy games our there! We will as a class spend the first 4 weeks learning how to play the game, mostly for those who don't know already, and understanding the rules, mechanics, lore, and more.We are to then to come together as a team, assign jobs such as Scrum Master, Product Owner, a Design Mechanics team, Design Systems team, Lore Team, Content Team and more. We are to then to create our very own race, their timeline, history, lore, powers, characters, everything that will be needed that will fit into the already existing world of Warhammer. By doing this we will have to actually create an actual professional codex that we will show off at the end of the semester. Time to strap on my working boots on as I dig heavy into video game design this semester. It's going to be a blast!

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