Cool E-Book PDF Converter!

So after doing a little research on how we can present our Codex at the end of the semester for our final project in Advanced Game Design, this HTML5 Flip Book was brought to my attention. It's actually really cool, and you do get a decent amount of perks just for the free version alone.

This way at the end of the semester, we can convert our PDF final Coded into this program, and will be able to show it off in a professional fashion. Not only that, but the entire team will recieve not only a copy of the PDF, but also a copy of this E-Book to be able to send to friends, family, or even put in their portfolio. Everyone will then be able to read the Codex from any mobile device or tablet as well! I can't wait to see the final product at the end of the semester on this HTML5 Flip Book!

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