Critiquing Games ...

So for our Intro to Game Design class we have been playing many different games while taking down notes and critiquing them. We are to look over the different areas of design while playing these games such as Sense Pleasure, Fantasy, Narrative, Challenges, Fellowship, Competitive, Discovery, Expression, and Allegation. So far these are the games I have played these past few weeks of class.

We are going to be discussing as a class about all the game we played, and go over each others notes.

We were also assigned to either play, read, or watch a video about these games below before next class to use them in the discussion as well.

We will also be forming a team of 4 next class to start our midterm assignment, which is to create a pitch of our favorite game, and present it to the class. I am going to pitch that we do Diablo 2, but we will see when I get into my team what we decide on. Until next time .... onward!