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So after the beginning stages of becoming a Lead Content Designer for our Advanced Game Design project, I immediately realized how important the pipeline was going to be for this. It wasn't really a surprise as I saw what our Lead Designer had to go through when I was back on Raid+. So I knew that there was going to be a lot of Quality Checking. Having looked over another teams document that they called the DERP (Design Etiquette Requirements Pipeline), I had modified my own version for my content team to abide by throughout the semester. So far it's been a difficult task getting the team to follow the freaking pipeline, but it has gotten better over the past week or so. I thought the quote was relevant to how I feel sometimes lol.

Design Etiquette Requirements Pipeline (DERP) for Content
LEAD: Jeremy Lecus // ASSISTANT : Jeff Fleetwood

Proper Etiquette
  • ALL Documents must be IN THE ORDER you would like the story, or timeline to proceed from start to finish. Don’t skip around. Must be in sequence. Other teams will be using our documents, it must make sense.
  • Make sure you read, and refer this document, and the GDD at all times! Familiarize yourself with them, and make sure your design fits, and meets the vision requirements, and tech specs!
  • All work done must meet the requirements. When it is met, THEN you may post it on G+!
  • Psyberfire task cards will be made by the Jr. Lead Designer, and or Sr. Lead Design.
  • Tasks will not be given! In true Agile format, you will accept tasks as you see fit in either playing to your strengths, playing it safe, or learning something new.
  • ALL work must meet the requirements of Acceptance Criteria, the DERP, and then posted on G+.
G+ Posting and #
  • # are very important for metrics tracking.
  • ALL G+ posts must start with your name or something similar i.e. #EricH
  • Tag ALL people needed in post - +JeremyLecus, +SamanthaChormy, etc
  • Our Official Content Team tag for everything content related is #WHContent ALL of your design related posts must have this tag.
  • STANDUPS - Due every Sunday night at 11:59! #WHStandUp
  • QUALITY CHECK - Will be done on Monday’s by 11:59pm. This gives you a couple of days to re-worked any bounced task’s before Thursday.
↓↓↓Quality Check Process ↓↓↓↓

Quality Check Process
  • When you have your task ready for Quality Check, these steps must be followed. If not, your task WILL NOT be passed, bounced, or even looked at until it is.

  1. After all “Acceptance Criteria” has been checked off on Psyberfire, move your card to the “Quality Check” section.
  2. Move your task, document, or any task material into the Quality Check folder, which is in the Content folder.
  3. Post on the Google Community.
    1. Post under Quality Check
    2. #WHContent #WHQuailityCheck +JeremyLecus +JeffFleetwood
    3. Give a description of your task, and or any other pertinent information for the leads involving your task that you deem important.

If Task is Bounced
  • The Lead will move it into the BOUNCED folder, which is in the Content Folder.
  • The Lead will post on the Google Community, tagging you, and informing you of this.
  • It is YOUR responsibility to move that back into the IN PROGRESS folder. This let’s the leads know that you 100% are aware of your bounced task.
  • Then Rinse and Repeat the QC process once the bounced task is complete again and ready with all the fixes from why it was bounced.

If Task is Passed

  • The Lead will move it into the PASSED folder, which is in the content folder.
  • Once approved by the PO and Assistant PO, it will be moved into the FINAL ASSETS folder.

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