Moving On Down to Move On Up!

I officially have been offered a position as a programmer for Forever Interactive working on the same game, Visions of Zosimos! This has been a long time dream of mine to be apart of the actual development team for a video game! I have trained two people in the past few weeks as a replacement for my Community Director position, and a Community Manager position. As of this past Sunday, I am now officially Business task free! Although I am stepping down from a leads position, I do not feel actually feel that way at all. I am very honored to be moving forward with my dreams and hope to gain as much experience necessary to be able to one day own my own company. That's why the experience I have gotten for the past few years with the business and marketing will be forever invaluable to my journey. It's time to broaden my horizon and do what I have always wanted to do! Let's the programming begin!

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