The Greatest Game of All Time?

The answer to this question will be completely different depending on who you ask. Everyone has their own opinion on what they believe is the greatest game ever made, but there really is no wrong answer. In fact, as time moves forward, the greatest game ever made could come out tomorrow for all we know.

In my own opinion, there really isn't the best game of all time, more of the greatest games ever made which either set the standard for games today, or has mechanically, dynamically, or aesthetically dominated over any other game. I believe that the greatest game of all time can be broken down into genres, or when discussing certain topics about game design in general.

However, for my Intro to Game Design class, we were tasked with creating a presentation and a pitch of what we think is the greatest game of all time. We have to convince our professor and peers why the game we choose is just that.

After some long discussions, and many suggestions, the team I was apart of decided on Skyrim as the greatest game of all time.

Simply due to the fact that it's one of the very few games out their that is actually worth the price, and it's re-play value is through the roof. Many people will argue that Oblivion and Morrowind are better Elder Scrolls games than Skyrim, and they wouldn't be wrong as everyone has their opinions. We believe that as time moves on, Bethesda will continue to learn from their failures and continue making epic, groundbreaking games. Overall, Skyrim is by far Bethesda's greatest achievement statistically so far in the franchise, and therefore deserves it's place as one of the greatest games of all times.

Now it's time to break this game down by the mechanics, dynamics, and aesthetics. Then get creative enough to convince a bunch of other nerds, gamers, and fanboy's that this is the greatest game of all time. Piece of cake right .... ? lol

You hear me mention Mechanics, Dynamics, and Aesthetics a lot in this blog post. If you would like to learn more about why these are used to formalize game design, below is a helpful video from Extra Credits that will help explain the process and a article from :) Enjoy!

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