Name Ideas for our Lizardmen Army!

After reading a lot about the Lizardmen, and quality checking a lot of work, I felt like we all needed to decide on what we were going to call our Codex and Lizardmen. Kind of like how from other supplements to other codex's do it such as the Crimson Slaughter for the Chaos Space Marines. So far everyone seems to like the Lizardmen of the Citlalli's, which Citlalli means "Star" in the Aztec language. Here is the list however of all the different name's I had came up with just after a couple of minutes. We shall see if anyone else can come up with a better name, and vote for the best one.

• Lizardmen: Eztli Warriors (Eztli is Aztec for Blood)
• Lizardmen of the Citlalli's (Citlalli is Aztec for Stars)
• Lizardmen: Revolution X
• Lizardmen: Loq of Thanquol (Death of Thanquol)
• Lizardmen: Rise of Lord Kroak
• Lizardmen: Kai Space Warriors (Kai is Lizardmen for Forgotten)
• Lizardmen: Time of Tlanxla (Tlanxla is a acient Old One deity)
• Lizardmen: Kai Army of Xhotl (Kai = Forgotten / Xhotl = Old One)
• Lizardmen: The Great Alliance

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