On Deck...Designing Another Board/Card Game!

So for the final 8 weeks of our Intro to Game Design class, we will be continuing working with the teams we had for our presentations, and take everything we have learned so far, and create a prototype of our own board, or board/card game.

When I first heard about this in week 1 of school, I immediately jumped on it, getting together ideas for mechanics, style of game, and a cool name for the game.

So far, my ideas seem to be on the right path as I have discussed them with other designers quietly on the side. I really want to create a game that 2-4 players can play, that's easy to learn, fun to play, but also forces them to strategize in a battle setting.

I am thinking of a game that has the feel of Magic the Gathering, the quick play of Hearthstone, but with a different element of style when it comes to attacking, defending, and playing resources.

My inspiration first came from one of my favorite TV shows that they recently brought back called Robot Wars or Battle Bots. I want to take those and add in a bio-engineered monster-ish, evil feeling to it, like the images you see below, and blend them together, to create a cool looking, fun but competitive game that you and your buddies could play while drinking a beer and beat up on each other.

Looking forward to hearing what the rest of my team has to say. Maybe we cant meld all of our ideas into one epic awesome card game that everyone will love to play!

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