Outline Preppin'

Getting the Codex together as well as my game plan for how I am going to attack this thing. I really want to use Google Docs so everyone can collaborate on the Codex together, but the formatting options on it are terrible.

So I decided to go with using Microsoft Word as I create my Codex. I will then save it out as a PDF upon completion and upload it to an HTML5 Flip Book that everyone will be able to view. This is the easiest way for me to do what I want with the Codex and show it off in the end as a Design portfolio piece. Plus the HTML5 Flip Book is really cool! I have gotten the first 27 pages roughly with what we want on them. This is still a WIP and is obviously subject to change, possibly the order will be changed. I should have the whole book outlined by next week. I will update it as I go, then I will start filling in content, and assign people literally page numbers to accomplish as task cards.

Here are a few screen shots of me outlining the Codex. More to come soon! Enjoy!

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