Pitching the Pitch of all Pitches!

So we are to pitch to our instructor and to the rest of class in our Intro to Game Design class, the greatest game of all time. As in the previous post about this, my team chose Skyrim. I have been chosen as one of the two people who will speak during the presentation. I have gone through all 30+ slides we have created as a team, breaking down the game design of Skyrim, and picking out the key features to talk about. Ironically, Steam had a sale going on for the Legendary version of the game recently for $19.99, and I couldn't pass it up! I have logged in around 300 total hours on the Xbox 360 version back when the game first came out. Now that I am PC gamer, I figured it was a great deal, plus something I can add into my game library.

Below you will find a outline that I created going over the slideshow and our pitch, which is set to be around 10 mins long.

(1 SLIDE - 1 MIN) Opening Slide - Introduction - Talk about why the greatest game ever made will forever be an ongoing dilemma in the gaming industry for an eternity. Talk about how we came to our decision on this game. Introduce our game as the Greatest Game Ever Made! Introduce our team. Lead up with something epic that leads into the video on Slide 2. (PLAY VIDEO - VIDEO IS 1:04 MINUTES)
(1 SLIDE - 30 SECONDS) What is Skyrim -  Action / Open-World RPG, Single Player, PC / Xbox360 / PS3, 20 Million + Copie Sold, 3 DLC’s, 5th installment of Elder Scrolls, Game of the Year and Studio of the Year award because of this game, Took about 5 years to make
(2 SLIDES 1 MIN) Mechanics - Talk about the rules and mathematics behind the game. Physics, damage and health systems, Dialogue, Stats, Skill / Level increase, Compass Feature, Puzzles, Challenges, Building and creating, Swimming, Constant Changing Environment
(2 SLIDES 1 MIN) Dynamics - Talk about the experiences the player takes when playing the game, battling dragons, Open World experiences, Environmental Hazards, Customization of homes, self, and freedom of choice. Strategy and problem solving.
(1 SLIDES 30 SECONDS) Sense Pleasure - Good graphics, music and sounds. Emotional NPCs, Realistic sounds of combat, movement, and environment. Music changes during combat, exploration and dialogue. Nothing physically stimulating.
(3 SLIDES - 1 MIN) Fantasy -  Dragons, dungeons, knights, thieves, magic, wizards...everything that makes a fantasy game a fantasy game. What are you able to do this game that you can’t in real life.
(3 SLIDES - 3 SLIDES - 30 SECONDS) Narrative - Set a few hundred years after Oblivion. Protagonist is the Dragonborn, save the world from Alduin. Forge your own destiny through choice and taking on quests.
(3 SLIDES - 30 SECONDS) Challenge - Combat, Treasure Hunting, Pickpocketing, Aggro, Bounties, Puzzle and problem solving. Exploration, progression, leveling up, skill trees. Learning strategy, tactics, and skills.
(3 SLIDES - 30 SECONDS) Fellowship - NPC’s, Guide optional followers, Companions, Marriage, Factions
(1 SLIDE - 15 SECONDS) Competition - The World VS You, Random wildlife, dragon encounters. PvEvP, PvNPC.
(3 SLIDES - 1 MIN) Discovery / Exploration - Massive breathing world, Sense of adventure, Exploring can reap rewards as well as risk, Discover landmark and shrines, Fast Travel, Learning Lore by reading books, crucial rare items that could develop the story of your character.
(3 SLIDES - 30 SECONDS) Expression -  Choice in equipment, Overall freedom of choice, Choose dialogue, books to collect and read, collectibles, showing off items in your house, variety of types of combat to choose from, 10 different races, buy and sell with merchants, Choice of followers, Cook food for yourself. Choose where you live.
(1 SLIDE - 15 SECONDS) Abnegation - When tired with questing, you can really do whatever you want, Mess with the NPC’s, or walk around and kill everything in sight.
(1 SLIDE - 15 SECONDS) Pros - Quests, Storyline, Unique gameplay, CostVSPlaytime, Freedom, MODS, DLCs.
(1 SLIDE - 15 SECONDS) Cons - Glitches, Dragon AI, Single player, No timed quests, dungeons don't change up much.
(3 SLIDES - 30 SECONDS) Why do we think this is the greatest game of all time - Massive living breathing open world, freedom of choice, dual-wield combat system, graphics, Value for your $, DLC, MODs, Endless exploration and discovery.
(1 SLIDE - 10 SECONDS) Outro - Conclusion - Recap on everything briefly! Thank everyone for their time, and encourage the room to agree with you in a positive manner, that Skyrim is one of the greatest games ever made.

We will also be showing off a short video in the beginning of our pitch to help influence the rest of the class. All the images were gathered from the internet.

Here are some screen shots of our presentation made by myself and my team.



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