The Codex Master!

So for my Advanced Game Design class, not only am I the Content Lead, I am also the Buildmaster for our Codex. I have been a Buildmaster before, but on a video game for one of my other classes. This is going to be different however because we are creating a book, not software.

I decided moving forward that we are going to still treat this as if we were developing software and apply a version control system to our Codex. I created a Change Log spreadsheet, and will be sending out a new version of a Microsoft Word document for the entire team to be able to contribute too if necessary. The change log will be in place for when things need to be edited or changed that already exist in the Codex, not new content. There will be a Buildmaster Quality Check folder for anyone to submit work on the Codex to me as well as a folder for final assets.

I currently will have a new document ready by class with pretty much every page filled out on what needs to be done on each page. Once we have our final product ready, we will make it into a PDF, and then onto the HTML5 Flip Book for our final presentation.

and I leave you with a funny quote...Onward!

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