Great Minds Think A-like!

So about halfway through the semester in my Advanced Game Design class, we are of course creating our new Lizardmen army and codex. Picking up where they left off in Fantasy, and bringing them into 40k.

Now we find out that Games Workshop is coming out with a new Lizardmen Codex for their new game Age of Sigmar.

As far as the timeline of Warhammer goes, it would go in this order from the earliest to most current in the time of the World of Warhammer.

Warhammer Fantasy → Warhammer: Age of Sigmar → Warhammer 40k

Now it get's even funnier, because Games Workshop has a lot of ideas very similar to ours as they too were picking up were the Lizardmen story was left off in Fantasy.

They aren't calling them Lizardmen in Age of Sigmar anymore, as now they are calling them Seraphon's. We are calling our Lizardmen, the Lustrian Warriors.

Thought it was pretty interesting and I totally need to get this Codex

Click on the image below to take you to the Games Workshop page for this codex.

Also, enjoy this image I got off the internet and then photo shopped for our Codex. It's suppose to show what Lustria looked like shortly after the battle of the end times. I'll have these side by side in the Codex.

Before the End Times

After the End Times

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