Another Down, 1 More Semester To Go!

So after completing this past semesters classes, and I am just that much closer to obtaining both my Associates degrees! Although I did get a B in my College Mathematics class this semester, I feel like it's only because I was so focused on my Game Design classes. Lol, I have never been a good test taker as it is anyway, but I still technically have a 3.9 GPA. It's finally starting to feel like things are looking up and I am very excited for the road ahead of wherever my career takes me. Just got to complete this next semester, and it's nothing but looking for a job in my career. Even though that it's months away, I want to make sure that I am ahead of the game, and get all of my profiles, LinkedIN, and this blog, which is essentially my portfolio, all up to date! It's never to early to start making an effort to getting my foot in the door with a great company. >.< Fingers crossed! Until then ... Onward!

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