Bionic Mayhem is Underway!

Getting to the final stretch here, I invited my team mate over to get these cards into the template and printed out. We also worked on our instruction booklet, making sure it was polished as possible. We first had to go through our entire spreadsheet and make sure that everything matched up and how many cards we would be needing of each type. We had to go back and fix the Toxic deck as there were a lot of mechanics that just didn't fit it's play style. He started making all the cards, and adding in all the text and images, while I focused on getting the template together and aligned and making the back of the cards. Whenever I was waiting on him to complete cards, I would then hop onto the Instruction Booklet to continue polishing that.

After a couple of days of getting everything together, we headed to the local FedEx and got them printed out! It is due this Thursday, and when we get to class everyone will spend time playing every teams game, then we will come back on the last day and vote to see who had the best game overall regarding mechanics, dynamics, and aesthetics.

Fingers crossed >.<

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