I Present To You: The Lustrian Warriors

Well it's getting toward the end, and Demo Day is just right around the corner. Our professor want's us to have our Codex completed by this next class, and ready to play test against him. We will also be showing off the Codex and talking about our experience at Demo Day.

I nearly stayed up for 2 days straight trying to get this Codex put together the way I wanted to. Although I didn't get to do everything I wanted to do and polish out, it still turned out to be an amazing looking codex, and I am extremely proud of the teams effort. I do however plan on giving this Codex a touch up with in this next week, and give the team a fresh new link and documents to download. There really isn't that much I want to touch up on and it's really not that a big a deal, I just want to make some minor adjustments before the team and I go out there and use it as a design portfolio piece. I want to personally thank our Content Designer, Jeff Fleetwood, on his amazing Photoshop skills! The Codex would not have been as good looking with out him! I would also like to give a shout out to the other leads for getting me the Codex information I needed from them in a timely fashion.

I am glad I was able to experience what it would be like as a Lead Content Designer, and I am very sure I'll never want to do that again unless I am getting paid pretty well, lol. It's just not for me, even though I had fun doing it. I just didn't like having to read all through the content, grammar, and sentence structuring to make sure everything was right and fits. It felt like I was grading Essays. I enjoyed being able to show my creative side along side my content team and creating our own backstory and lore for our army together.

You can actually check out the Virtal HTML Flip Book by clicking on the link image below.

Remember, this Codex was created as a student project and for educational purposes only.

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