Designing Interactive Displays

So as for my second and final design class I need for my design degree is "Designing Interactive Displays"! This class is designed to help us gain a better understanding of UX Design (User Experience) and develop for an interactive environment.

This is totally cool, and I am very excited to see what we can accomplish in this class! We will be working with many different devices like the Kinect, Leap Motion, and other interactive tools.

We also have a book that we will be reading from in this class to gain a better understanding of User Experience while designing our video games.

In this class we will have to come together as a team to develop a interactive product for a client, which my professor will be playing the role of. We are to start gathering our ideas on the discussion board online, and start voting on a project to see which one everyone want's to work on the most.

Time to get my creative thinking cap on, and gather up some reasonable, in-scope ideas that could possibly be voted on to make! :)

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