From Unity to Hero to Unreal

So by now you all know that at Forever Interactive we have put a hold on our production for Visions of Zosimos due to issues regarding Hero Engine. Considering the amount of time and man power it would take to convert our project into a new game engine, for now we are bringing back an old IP that was originally made for mobile. We are going to expand upon it and give it a huge face lift using the Unreal 4 engine.

Ever since last semester when this decision was made, I have been trying to get into the Unreal tutorials and get back into the swing of things programming wise, considering I am no longer a Community Director and now officially a programmer for our game, Battle Gnomes. 

Considering I never got the opportunity to actually program in Hero, the games I have been apart of programming wise have been in Unity.

So it was nice to start off some tutorials that explained the similarities and difference between Unreal and Unity.

After starting the programming tutorials, I really like how the Unreal Editor makes using C++ so easy! They have a lot of great quick and easy ways to build and compile your code as well as an easy set up integrating Visual Studios into your projects. It was really easy to create new C++ classes and adding Instances of new classes into a level.

I was never worried about having to learn a new game engine, I was actually very excited to finally have a reason to learn a new one. All my previous projects have been in Unity 3D, and I had just started learning the Hero Engine. Don't get me wrong, I still have nothing bad to say about Unity3D, but I have been dying to find the time to learn the Unreal Engine, to really broaden my skills and become a good in-game engine programmer and designer.

Now I am currently doing a quick tutorial on a 3rd Person Power Up Game tutorial and moving along on my first task for the game.


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