Intermediate Game Design

So another semester to go before I graduate with both my Associate Degrees in Computer Simulation and Gaming. This semester I have 2 more Game Design classes to take and my other 2 classes are just simply General Education classes I have to take in order to obtain my degrees.

Last semester I took Intro to Game Design and I was able to get a waiver to take Advanced Game Design due to Advanced not being offered in the Spring.

So this semester 1 of my Design classed is Intermediate Game Design, and we will be creating our own MOD for Dungeons and Dragons using the current 5th edition!

I am very excited to get the opportunity to dig deeper into this game, and be able to pick apart the design and implement our own MOD into it as a team.

For the first 4 weeks we are going to be play nothing but D&D the entire class period to learn how to play and the rules as much as possible. At the end of the 4 week period, everyone has the opportunity to pitch an idea to the class on a MOD that we want to build. After we decide on a winner, we will then come together as an entire class to make our own Adventure MOD that fit's into the already existing world of D&D.

The first day of class we split into 2 different groups for now, and started playing D&D right away, making our character sheets, and getting our campaign started. I am currently a Dragon-born Paladin whom I named Boom Stik! :)

For those of you who don't know what a Character sheet from D&D looks like, here is the template we are using in class below. Click on the link to take you to a downloadable PDF right from the D&D website itself!

We are to have our backgrounds and character sheets fully completed by next class period. Can't wait to get this started! In my Advanced class I was the Content Lead and Build master on the project as we had to create our own codex for Warhammer 40k. I am hoping that this time around, I can get onto the Level design team or Mechanics design team to learn a different aspect of design and get some new skills under my belt.

Although it seems like that I might be the Build Master again on this project as my Professor personally handed me a D&D book to take home that he want's our final project to emulate. Meaning I think that he liked the work I had done in Advanced and trust's me to take charge for this next project. :) Lol, thought I was going to sneak by on this one and let someone else take a lead position, but I am honored that I have the respect of my classmates and my professors. I will do whatever is necessary and take on any position where I am needed the most in order to make sure we have one awesome looking MOD for D&D. If that's the Build Master roll, then so be it. I am sure if I wanted to design some levels or mechanics in the process, that my team will allow me to take on a task or two. Thank god I have Mr. Jeff Fleetwood and a couple other students who were in my Advanced class that I know will be my go to team mates for this project as well.

Last semester for my Advanced class, my pitch idea came in 2nd place, and I am hoping to come up with another really good idea for a MOD for this class when it comes time to vote! Maybe this time it will get voted on by everyone! :)

Time to get my D&D skills in check, watching tutorials, videos, reading materials on their sites, and getting a little back more back history on the lore and the current state of the game.

We are also being assigned to read a book in this class, which has been a very interesting read so far. As we read through this book, we are to come back in class ready to discuss the previous chapters read. I am very interested into reading and learning from what this book has to offer and what discussions it will bring up in class.

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