Role-Playin' Foo!

So after getting my first ever D&D game started, as we are making our own MOD as our final project in Intermediate Game Design, I must say I am surprised on how much I like D&D. Of course, it's one of those games that you have to get a group of friends into, but I am very impressed with the design mechanics and how that they are run by the content, where as in Warhammer the mechanics drove the content.

So far my character, a Dragonborn Paladin named Boom Stik, has managed to rather bad and good at the same time. Although it isn't my character's fault, I just can't seem to role for the life of me! My DM started off by explaining the backstory and bringing us into where we currently are. We were a group of hired guards to protect a caravan on its voyage to another town in Neverwinter, and to make sure it go there safe and sound. We ended up traveling down the road a bit, and before it became dark, we set up camp on the edge of a clearing through the forest road we were traveling on.  While I was sent out to get wood for our fire for the night, we were attacked by a band of goblins. I tried to get back to the group, but because I can't roll, I ended up falling in pile's of crap, and loosing my shield in the process. Changing out my D20's really didn't seem to help either, and I guess the dice gods were against me this day. I did however end up joining in on the battle and killing on of the goblins.

Class came to an end at that point, but next class we are going to pick up where we left off, and everyone is to finish their character backstories and sheet in order to get a better understanding of the game.

I also have to get a pitch idea ready in the next couple of weeks for our MOD Campaign that we are going to make for D&D as our final project. My professor already knowing the great job I did last semester with the Warhammer 40k Codex we created, handed me a D&D Campaign book he wants me to emulate as far as the overall structure of the book, not the content. Time to get my D&D on, and dig into some lore!

Besides that, we are continuing reading the Level Up game design book that our professor assigned to us. We were suppose to read the first few chapters and come up with a few questions and insights from the reading to discuss in class. Overall the first few chapters were pretty simple to follow as it breaks down the different genres of gaming fairly well, and also the different jobs required to develop a video game. Which if you are new to the industry, well, it may be quite a shock to you how many different positions are needed in order to create a successful video game. A lot of people in the indie world end up wearing multiple hats just to get work done. It also breaks down the truths behind making good games highlighting that there is no guarantee your game is going to be fun. If you put effort into it, and gather the proper analytic's and customer feedback, and take out the un-fun, all you are left with is the fun. Everyone has an idea, but it's how you use them that matters. I also find it interesting how it mentions to take a break every now and then. This is something I try to do all the time, otherwise I find myself barried with school work, developing work, and sitting in front of the computer too long. I always take a break every now and then.

Picture from the book Level Up! (Funny comic strip I liked in the book I thought I'd share!)

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