Brainstormin' Gamestormin'

So moving on with class after getting a lot of things set in place, I wanted to make sure that as a Product Owner, I gave my team my full attention by being transparent about everything and provide them with all the right tools in order to succeed.

As a team in class we of course used agile and prioritized our Campaign, and everyone got the opportunity to put their two sense in. We broke up our game into epics and prioritized our list based on delighters, basic needs, and satisfiers.

There were also couple of the team members who drew up a rough draft of our world to try and help determine which region of the world we were in through discussion.

My Mechanics Lead actually posted a video, which is actually a series, featuring Matt Mercer on the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel. Seeing as I have watch this DM before on other videos, he has some great tips on how to create your campaign, and being a DM.

Other than that this first week has been set up so that everyone can read up on the Hollow World, Forgotten Realm, and the Underdark.

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