Interactive Displayin'

So after David and I discussed what the team had went over as far as our first project for our interactive display, we decided to change a couple things. We felt that the player's progress through the interactive should increase the excitement throughout the time of the interaction. Below are the changes we made.

-Idle Screen (Hands with floating particles with a subtle nebula background)

-Player initiates interaction (timer starts)

-Player plays with interaction (moves hands --> creates trail)

-0-30 seconds [lowest intensity](More about creating the trail)

-31-60 seconds [medium intensity](Equal parts trail and particles filling screen)

-61-80 seconds [highest intensity](More about filling screen with particles)

81-90 seconds ["grand finale"](Crazy Particle explosions)

-After the grand finale the particles explode away from the hands and disappear leaving only smoke wisps in their place

-If Player leaves screen before the 90 seconds is up?
-- If the players hands reaches either ends of the edges of the screen and there is no detection of the player anymore
-- If to the right edge, particles will explode to the left then fade into the idle screen.
-- If to the left edge, particles will explode to the right then fade into the idle screen.

We then tackled our task which was due next class. Below are the Storyboard's David created and the flowchart I created. We then filled in the blank white boxes with the details of each board, and actually numbered them, and made a presentation to show off in class.

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