Note to self ...

When playing D&D and you are low on wood for your fire, using the bodies of the dead goblins you just killed as fuel for your fire MAY attract a Lich and a few of his skeleton friends. You may also find yourself trying to desperately climb up a tree, hoping you don't roll terrible! Anyway, this week was actually a lot of fun playing D&D and getting into our characters stories and actually doing perception checks, and using our weapons and skills in combat.

Again, I was a Dragonborn Paladin whose name is Boom Stik!

Wizards of the Coast actually have a really cool artwork posted of a Dragonborn Paladin, except I would be a green colored and not blue as that is what I choose as my Draconic Ancestry. This also gave me a Breath Weapon with a damage type of Poison.

My personality traits were that I was passionate and determined and was always vigilant. I never gave up on a quest. I was very motivated and there is a reason why I am good at what I do. Fleetstorm is my best friend, lol. Jeff made a Dragonborn Wizard, so we became friends, lol. We also had a assassin with us, and called ourselves the Iron Falcons. My flaws included being thick headed and having trouble trusting new people. I had Divine Sense and Lay on Hands. 

My background was that I came from a clan of Dragonborn whom always made fun of the way I looked, as I was the "Shrek" of the clan. We were green in color due to our Draconic Ancestry. I was always in the woods, exploring to pass the time by from getting ridiculed by the others. I ended up coming across a gathering of Fey creatures. It was here where they taught him how to use nature to heal and help others and how became a Dragonborn Paladin. 

But as we played the game, obviously after reading my first paragraph you can see that we ended up attracting a Lich and ended up hiding in the trees. It was a miracle that I rolled good enough to get up with tree without any harm, as my previous rolls have always been terrible, lol. We did manage to escape the Lich, while only attracting 1 of it's skeleton slaves in the process. Which ended up being a pretty easy kill. Between the Skeletons and the Goblins, I ended up having to use my Lay of Hands skill to heal up some of my group, as a few of them came close to death.

I did come up with some ideas for the pitch for our campaign we are going to have to design as a class. I wanted to come up with one funny idea for a campaign, and one serious idea.

For the funny idea I had, is that we could set our campaign in The Island of the Misfit Mascots, and have the players be characters from South Park and the Monsters be really bad Mascots.

However, my serious idea, after having done a little reasearch, and using some exsisting lore already out there and putting a little twist on it, I came up with these notes for the Rise of the King of Giants. Let's see when we pitch next week what the rest of the class comes up with. Hopefully some people will like my idea. :)

  • An Evil prophecy has come true predicted by the High Lady Ordalf herself, and the time for the Fomorians to rise from the Underdark from Mag Tureah is here! The Mag Tureah is a place which was thought to have been blocked off from the Feydark. The Feydark is the echo os Toril’s Underdark, lying deep beneath the Lowerdark, Ten miles or more below the surface of Underdark, the Lowerdark was where even those who knew the Underdark loath to go.
  • Most fomorians believe that the prophetic king of giants will be born as a fomorian and will not realize his destiny at first, but when he does, he will be transformed into a giant larger than any titan, and subsequently transform the entire fomorian race also. This myth is no more, no more in that it has become fact. And a new King has risen. The King of Giants!
  • Desperate for help, the Fey seek help by following and old legend, a legend of a group of rare LeShay’s whom are known to have defeated the scariest creatures in ancient times. In their successful journey, they were able to awaken the Knights of the High Lady once more to help fight against the evil Fomorian King, King 
  • The darkest and most powerful legend about fey in the Forgotten Realms goes back eons, to the creator races. Some sages claim that fey creatures known as the leShay were one of the four, possibly five, creator races. Others pass this off as pure nonsense. Going to the source, asking ancient fairies, has proved only to be a headache, alas, as none seem interested in providing a straight answer. 
  • LeShay had a vast array of magical powers inherent to themselves. Most notable among such powers were their ability to charm other creatures by simply looking at them and the strange power of forming weapons out of nothing by power of though alone. These "leShay weapons" were formed from the essence of each individual leShay as if they were extensions of his or her own body. LeShay could also change form, teleport, turn invisible, and breathe underwater with their magics, among other things. LeShay were tall and thin and looked like albino elves. However, instead of the red eyes common to true albinos, leShay had deep black eyes; even the whites of their eyes were black. They had pointed ears, but they were not quite so pointed as an elf's.
  • The minds of leShay are particularly geared towards the learning of language; that is, all leShay are essentially polyglots. They can understand nearly any language with only moments of hearing it spoken.
  • Players will start the campaign off by choosing and creating their LeShay legendary hero, and explore the Underdark to save the world and all of man-kind from the King of Giants!
Below you will find a reference image from the internet of High Lady Ordalf and a LeShay.

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