Road Map for Campaign

So after working on the Road-map with the Scrum Master going off of what we had discussed as a overall group in class. This is the Road-map we came up with.

Now, after a couple days went by, I actually ended up stopping by and hanging out with our Associate Product Owner and Lead Level Designer on the project, Jeff Fleetwood to work on this project in particular. After discussing with him and actually looking at the Road-map, it actually made no sense the way we had things set up. We had important Feature that were being planned out for way down the line, when most of that content would be needed in order to generate our story. Yes, the Agile exercise we had done in class was a great to use, but this could be an issue as the type of game we are creating isn't digital.

So after having a discussion with Jeff, we both made our own Road-map and presented it to the Leads while still taking into consideration the 1st Road-map. We decided to make an executive decision and re-do the Road-map, and the other Leads agreed. So with some more discussion, and edits, this is what our Road-map looks like currently

Now it's onto good ole' Trello to start creating some task cards with my Associate PO and the other Leads! Yes, we have been using Trello lately as Psyberfire is making it's way back from a rough patch. Trello is still improving though, and is a very useful alternative while Psyberfire is down.

There has also been a little confusion among the team about how Feature driven development is run, and even more so about the meeting times being changed. This has been fixed and discussed by the Leads, and moving forward, week to week team members may be moving from Goal team to Goal team depending on this Features that week. If thing's don't improve, we will be moving to set-in-stone Feature teams. 

Besides that, when I can find the time every now and then, I have been watching videos and reading everything I can about Dungeons and Dragons. Considering I am the Product Owner, I am more than likely going to be the one who is going to have to DM our Campaign to our Professor at the end of the semester. Yay me! ... It will be fun though, as I have always wanted to experience being a DM at least once in my life. 


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