Running a Hollow World

So another week down and some great content has been created thus far for our Dungeons and Dragon campaign for our Intermediate Game Design class.

We have created a nice starting point for our outset, catalyst, and main antagonist!

I have also completed the entire outline to our 1st build. I pretty much used the same approach to this as I did when I was creating our Codex for Warhammer back in my Advanced Game Design class. Here are a few snap shots of the build so far. Now that the outline if finished, it is time to start creating some Photoshop assets and getting all the content we have so far into it.

It has so far come out to be around 71 pages, which is about 50 pages shorter than what we had to do in Warhammer. Although this may change down the road depending on how much content we can generate throughout the semester.

We have moved onto our next week of Features, and this week we will be working on the Deities, Inner World Hub City, and the Inner World Backstory, as well as finishing any technical debt from the previous sprint.

I have been vigorously inside these documents, giving my team members feedback and trying to keep everyone on the same page. Here is a sneak peak into our GDD of some of the content that has been created so far. :) Don't worry, I am not going to be posting any spoilers just yet.

This week's class is going to be fun, because not only is the Alpha version of our Campaign due, but it's also time for Retrospectives and Peer Reviews! Yay! There's a lot of people who are going to be disappointed with their scores, but hey, this is the real world, and if you are questioning what kind of score you deserve, then you probably worry.

Time to get back to work! Until next time ... Onward!

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