Sparkelz ! ! !

So after the first couple weeks of class, and doing some research on something simple that we could do for an interactive display. There are actually a lot of really cool interactive displays that have been made, most of them are obviously way beyond our scope.

Things like, the Wooden Mirror, which I thought was absolutely brilliant, and you can watch all about it from the YouTube video below.

Cool interactive, but not something we can accomplish in a couple week's, lol.

So after digging into some more research we came across a Xbox Kinect game called Disney's Fantasia. It's a "Rock Band" style of game that's played using your hands with the Kinect. You can check out the gameplay by watching this video from YouTube down below.

Pretty cool concept to a game, and it definitely inspired us with our project that we came up with as a team. 

This is what we came up with that we thought we could accomplish within a couple weeks.
  • Experience for one person
  • Particles bounce around the screen.
  • Two hands in middle of the screen with particle effects surrounding them.
  • Background is dark color, perhaps night sky.
  • When person comes into view, camera finds user’s hands and particles snap to them.
  • How long: 90 seconds
  • 0-30 seconds - max bright
  • 31-60 - medium
  • 61-90 - scales down intensity.
  • 91-95 - fizzles out and smoke trails
We were then paired up into 2's and were to come up with our own storyboard, and flowchart of our interactive display. I paired up with one of my classmates that was our Lead Designer in our capstone project. He choose to do the storyboards, and I was to do the flow chart. Let's see what we can accomplish by next week!

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