Moving Backward to Move Forward

Something a PO never want's to do, but when you are working on some pretty content heavy task's, I didn't really expect some team members to have their task's done. I have decided right now that this next week, we will not be moving on to our next sprint, and instead use this week to work on any tech debt and current tasks with the PC's, Monster's, Magic, Spells, and Main Quest line. I have bounced too many task's and I don't see us moving forward as there is way too much to get done before that happens. This means we will push back a week and go down to 1 week of polish instead of 2 on the road-map. I am having the Leads prepare these meetings moving forward to get ready to work as a team and to hardcore collaborate for a while in these up coming meeting and our next class period to get everything done so we can move forward.

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