Offical Names For Our D&D Campaign

Decided to get a Document going for official names of cities, places, and areas since to try and help get the team across the board on the same page, with the help of some of my other team members. So far what we have is listed below:

Official Names of the Fall of Forgotten

Name of Outer World:
Forgotten Realm

Name of Inner World: 
Arkina (Ark-key-na)

What the Inner World inhabitants call the Outer World inhabitants: 
Okhula (Oh-Cool-la)

Name of the Inner World Hub City: 
Korotikua (Koro-Ti-Coo-ya)

Name of the Continent the Hub City is on: 

Name of Capital City in Arkina:
Ninesrah (Neens-ruh)

Name of Lake near Ninesrah:
Lake Ralavos

Mountains on Mahaldania:
Wurmspire Mountains

Southern Jungle of Mahaldania:
Gergasi Jungle

Southern Desert of Mahaldania:
Khamsin Desert

Mountains of Edenia:
Tady Mountain range
Two large mountains are JuJu and Sadr

Trilana Desert and Mountain:
Tezak Mountain
Teezna Desert

Exizka Mountain:
Vomito Mountain

Haden Island Mountain:
Nesmrah Volcano

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