Programming for VoZ!

So having been moved onto the programming team for VoZ, I have been working along side one of our Lead Programmers, Mike Miller, to pair-program as I start to get better at the Hero Scripting Language. Although I can not post the code here due to NDA, I will show of videos from time to time of some of the work I have been doing.

Mike has me working on getting the Terrain Cards to Destroy and give an Elemental Dice. I finally got the Terrain card to discard itself. :) This Hero Scripting Language is something else, lol. It's definitely different from what I have been learning over the past couple years, but it is very similar to C++, but with different syntax.

Instead of using one of the scripts I was using as a reference, I went and used another script as a reference that I thought would be useful.

Going to be working on getting it to add an elemental dice after it discards itself up next and much much more. Will post more progress as soon as I get some more of my projects and exams finished for this school semester.

... Yay! Onward! :)

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