Spark Interactive is Born!

So for our Designing Interactive Displays class we have created our own "company" and now have a "client" which we will be producing an interactive display for which this company will use for their trade show.

• Our client is a web security company called SecuriLock.
→ They are a Web Security company.

• Tradeshow:
→ 15 x 15 ft
→ Interactive Display
→ 4 to 5 hour event with 1 person running the interactive.

• Offer:
→ $5,000 to $6,000

• Clients Idea:
→ Interactive table (Projector projecting on top of a table)
→ Locks / Lift up on locks to explore information
→ Possible prizes (Swag, Free consultations)
→ Possible small mini Game with Scoring system

Quotes / Ideas

• We need to come up with a Reasonable Quote for the Project and a Team size.

• We need to show our client a few concept ideas.

• Ask your leads for more information about what we are doing for each concept if you were not in class. If you weren't there you were assigned to a team.

Each concept will need to consist of the following:
→ Cost of resources (Dev/Stage cost/Rentals/ect.)
→ Estimation of Hours (Support/Dev Time/Demo time/Set up time)
→ Rough sketch concepts (With descriptions)

Our concepts:

Wheel of Fourtune Concept

Snake/Simon Says Concept

Magnify / Discover

I got a little excited and decided to whip up some logo designs using a free website on the internet to generate some logos.

Nothing fancy, just thought I'd post those here. We actually voted as a team and decided to go with another team mates logo.

Created by Treivy Pierre

I also helped the team all set up and ready to go on Google +, Trello, as well as on our Teamspeak server.

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