Sparkelz Interactive Display!

So after a few weeks of working on this small project for my Designing Interactive Display's class, our team put together something pretty cool for such a short period of time and with no prior knowledge of using or programming for the Kinect.

Here is a video of what our final outcome was. Even though there was a ton more we wanted to add and more polish, we still did pretty well I would say. Since the last update, I was able to implement another programmers screen detection script and incorporate it with mine. We add in some ambiance with flickering Stars, music, background and a subtle sparkling sound from the sparklers. We really needed to adjust the camera in Unity to work a little better with the Kinect's view, but like I said, it's college and we ran out of time, lol.

Again, it starts of in the Idle mode when the Kinect doesn't detect any player. You will then notice the cool particles snap to my hands once I am detected. I show off the effects of the particle effect and then eventually walk off screen, and the particles go back to Idle mode.

Time to use all the knowledge we have learned so far, and get to work on our final project! Stay tuned for more updates on that!

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