The Client Has Spoken!

So the "client", which is really my Professor, has chosen the Wheel of Fortune Concept, which was the other concept I did not work on, but helped with the idea. Below are some images of the concepts of the Wheel we presented to the Client, as well as our Project outline on how it will be graded.

The Client also provided us with some reference images on what they want the Art Style to resemble in the Interactive. The Client really liked our idea of a "Minority Report" style of display.

I started to work on the Flow Chart for the Client for this Wheel of Misfortune concept. Below are a series of images showing the progression of my flowchart, after a few revisions from discussions with the team.

Attempt #1

Attempt #2

Here are just some concept images for our story board created by one of our Artist's, Treivy Pierre. He does a really great job creating motion capture through his artwork! :)

Time to move forward and get a build up and running in Unity3D! Onward!

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