The Game of Bouncing Tasks Starring the PO!

After going through a lot of Design document that my team has been producing, I have started to notice a trend. Besides a select few, most of the content I am reading is riddled with grammatical errors and very bland descriptions. Why is this so? I didn't want to be the Product Owner, or else I would be writing this content myself, but my god, we are suppose to be producing PROFESSIONAL grade content with a clean and concise design document format. I have learned that it is extremely important for the Product Owner to have a strong group of Leads behind them in order for the team to be successful at meeting their Sprints.

Funny Image I found on the Internet

The Product Owner should not be constantly bouncing back task's that the Leads are supposedly passing. I have asked the Leads for their help, to step it up, and kick the rest of the team in the ass so I can focus on updating the GDD and the Build of our Campaign. Onward!

Also, we wanted the team to get these Character sheets going for our D&D PC's for our campaign.

Click HERE for the link for the D&D 5th Edition Character Sheets and the D&D Adventurers League.