Ultimate GDD Buildmaster Flex!

So I have been working pretty hard at making sure the team has a updated GDD to refer too so that creating new content is as easy as possible for them.

You can check out the GDD document by clicking on the link HERE. It's currently around 163 pages long. :)

There are links in the Table of Contents to make navigating the GDD a little easier.

It is still currently a work in progress, but I am using the GDD to pull final content from to put into our build.

I have also been working on the Build of our Campaign. Emil (my professor) wants us to emulate the Hoard of the Dragon Queen D&D Campaign book format.

Here is some images of some of the things I have gotten done so far. Still tons of work left to do though! :)

I have become quite good at Photoshop throughout these past couple of semesters, and I can't wait to have another digital book to show off as a game design project! :)

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