Trade Show Display Progress Update

Here is a video showing the progress I have made with the build of our Interactive Display for school.

After having completed a couple of tutorials and purchased a Unity Asset, I think I am very happy with where we currently stand and I think I saved me tons of time. Some of the code required for the Kinect and Gesture detecting is very tricky, and I would have never figured it out on my own for 3 weeks if it wasn't for my Jedi Google Searching skills.

So after checking out existing things that are out there to try and get this working with the swipe of a users hand to spin a wheel. So far throughout my testing ...

1. I have a wheel spinning, with 8 spots (You can change the amount of spots), and you can choose the probability of each spot. If you want it to always land on #8 you can change the variables to make it so it always goes to 8. This will come in handy when I tie in the Key Stroke for winning.

2. You can add in your own prizes list for each spot. Change what it says or shows up when it lands on a spot.

3. It detects the User, which it shows at the bottom of the screen. and When the User swipes with either there Left or Right hand, it spins the wheel.

Still tons of more work to do! Onward!

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