Fall of the Forgotten - Official

It's official, our D&D Campaign Book for our Intermediate Game Design Class is COMPLETE!

Enjoy this digital flip-book and click on the image below!

(There are some minor fixes that I am going to address here later this week for portfolio reasons, I'll update it here when I do and make note of it. Overall, for only having around 10 weeks to accomplish this, it turned out pretty well.)

Scroll through the pages, and Zoom-In to read the details!

This has been a great learning experience, and I am truly glad I was able to experience some D&D before I graduated! Between building a Warhammer 40K race and now having have built a D&D Campaign from scratch, I can honestly say that my design skills have improved. All though I have been in leadership roles throughout this experience, I feel like with the time we were allotted, we did a fantastic job! This semester was ROUGH outside of school, and it hit everyone pretty hard. I gave some slack towards the end of the semester, but that was only because we already had over 300 pages on our GDD. 

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