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So the end has come, and our Interactive Display is officially due as we are showing it off at Portfolio Night. Just like the other school projects in the past, there is obviously tons more that I wanted to do with this project that I just simply ran out of time for. All in all however, I feel like we accomplished a major milestone with this project.

We got to work with fake "actual" client, and learn about what it takes to listen to your clients needs when creating software for them. It is crucial that the client staying engaged with what is going on during the development process as something the client might mention could save hours of development time down the road.

We were actually able to get everything working! We didn't get the chance to add in some of the polish like we wanted to, but above all, it works!

We got everything set up for Portfolio night without any major hiccups! When it came time to show off our project, everything was going very smoothly. We even received some compliments on it, being that it is a complete modular project. Showing off our Storyboard and Flowchart as well at the table while explaining the process we had to go through in order to develop this display.

Even though this project was 100 times harder than our Sparkelz project earlier in the year, everyone LOVED playing Sparkelz at the portfolio night! Crazy how people liked our 3 week project over our 8 week project, but it was because the Sparkelz project was more interactive.

It was really awesome to get the chance to play around with the Xbox Kinect and making something that was a Simulation rather than just a video game. It was a GREAT learning experience, and I am better programmer for having taken this class!

Enjoy the video and images below of our final project, and Portfolio night.


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